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  • Joe : If you would like to call or email me your address we will paint our repair. It should have been painted when we replaced it.
  • Joe : Behr Premium Plus. exterior Satin enamel no.9050 Ultra pure white.
  • guest_8374 : Unit 1
  • Joe : What Association?
  • guest_8374 : An exterior windowsill was replaced 2 years ago but never painted. What type of Behr white paint should be used to match exterior.
  • Joe : That is a unit specific decision please contact your units paint director.
  • guest_8374 : Given the schedule in place for our unit, can a homeowner enlist the services of a housepainter and/or roof cleaner on their own. If so, what would be the ramifications for the homeowner going forward ?
  • Joe : I will not post cost of roofs in this publicly open area since we are seeking additional pricing. Yes each association keeps track of all roofs replaced.
  • guest_8335 : What is the cost of roof replacement and does each association have a list of the number of recently replaced roofs?
  • guest_6128 : Thank you for the response. Sorry to say the answer justifies my concerns.
  • Joe : The insurance companies have been the ones to determine what they consider usual life. Some say 15 years of age. Some say 20 years, Some companies have said 12 years. Even a few have said all three answers. There doesn't seem to be an exact formula to why they are doing this. For exact numbers please contact your units roofing director.
  • guest_7479 : What is the life span of a flat roof used to determine it is within 3yr of replacement? How many roofs have been denied insurability due to age, as stated in the report. Without quantifiable information it can not be reasonably understood what the true impact may be, that would be a cause for a Maintenance fee increase, as stated in the Minutes of June 18.
  • Joe : Flat roofs Primarily. Seems to be most companies Florida peninsula, citizens, all state etc. To many variables to determine who will and will not be effected by what these companies are doing it seems to trigger at a certain point with some roofs and not with others.
  • guest_2039 : In response to the Master Board Minutes of June 18 specifically what Insurance Company(s) have denied coverage as referenced in the minutes? How many homes does this represent and are the roofs tile of flat?
  • Joe : The office does not track that information. Sorry
  • Me1221 : are there homes available for rent?
  • Me1221 : Are there homes available for rent?
  • Joe : We use Just in Time Plumbing for Association repairs. 727-412-8075.
  • guest_9669 : What plumbers are used at mainlands?
  • guest_408 : Is the Master Assoc Mtg on the 18 going to decide on the number of stickers/fobs per household for the gate? I don't see it on the agenda and someone said on NextDoor that they would be making a decision at this meeting
  • Joe : The January Annual Master meeting minutes will be approved at the next annual meeting and then posted. The April meeting minutes will be approved on 6/18 meeting and then posted. The minutes only get posted once approved.
  • guest_8569 : Why aren't the master minutes for 2019 posted on the website
  • Joe : Homeowners that live in mainlands that have not already signed up with spectrum. Need to call 1-833-697-7328. You will need to provide your Mainlands address to receive the bulk contract deal.
  • Joe : No there is no section 8.
  • Lynnst_3904 : Is there section 8 and are there any openings?
  • guest_4406 : Thanks for the information that Unit 4 has free WiFi/internet, do u know how we go about receiving/activating or whatever we need to do?
  • guest_7710 : Good morning! I need to obtain a completed condo questionnaire for Unit 4. Can you direct me? Thank you
  • guest_4406 : Is wi-fi and cable tv provided by Mainlands?
  • Joe : I would need to know which association. Please feel free to email me at
  • guest_5030 : Hello, Can you please confirm the name of the insurance company that holds the master policy? Thank you
  • Joe : Feel free to ask any questions we will answer as quickly as possible.

Manager Minutes June 18th, 2019

Just to update everyone regarding this morning’s Master Meeting. We had a representative from all Boards but Unit 6.
The insurance companies have been denying renewal of homeowner policies referencing the roofs. Some of the homes denied have roofs that are still under warranty. Most roofs have no issues, leaks, broken tiles, etc., but are still being denied because the insurance industry does not feel less than 3 years of useful life is insurable. As a result your Boards must make hard decisions between budgeting for roof replacement and keeping the maintenance fees manageable. Trust that they take raising maintenance fees very seriously but these new guidelines leave them little choice.
Master President George Filiau directed me to write to our Governor describing our situation and ask for his help. I did and the letter was mailed on May 14th. Thus far we have had no response.
We were notified by Accurate Electronics that the 40th Street gate installation will begin on June 24th. We are working on putting the procedures in place for distribution of the devices and will notify you via robo call and posting on the website the decisions are final. Please note that the gate will remain open until all residents have their devices and all the testing is complete.
ROBO calls are an important part of distributing information to the community. If you are not receiving the calls and would like to please notify the office so we can get you signed up.
We have leased the location of our business office since the development of the Mainlands, 50+ years. The owner of the property owns a considerable amount of land in the area. He has begun to sell some of his parcels to various business and the Master Association is concerned that eventually he may decide to sell the parcel that our office leases. In an effort to be proactive we have been in talks to find a suitable location in Mainlands to build an office space. Given that land within Mainlands is scarce we looked at several locations. Two possibilities are the front entrance lots which some of us affectionately call the “monuments”. As these parcels belong to the Master Association the Board voted to have these two lots appraised. The gas station side appraised for $740,000 and the Tons of Tile side appraised for $675,000. At the Board meeting the Board had two options to consider. Sell one of the lots and use the funds to build a new office space on the other OR sell both lots and approach Fred Hudson to purchase his empty lot (opposite Tasty Treat) and build on that parcel. More information to follow.
For the last six years our maintenance staff has been placing animal traps on resident properties when a work order is called in for a nuisance animal. The Board voted to stop this practice because of an injury to one of our workers while retrieving one of the traps with a captured raccoon. The new policy will be that homeowners with a nuisance animal on their property may borrow a trap from maintenance, purchase bait and set it accordingly. If an animal is captured they will call 727-582-2600 #6 to have animal picked up. Once the animals are picked up the homeowner will be responsible for returning a clean trap to the office. The maintenance staff will continue to fill the holes that are on your property but not until the animal is removed.
We recently have had calls to the office regarding nuisance alligators in our lakes. The removal of these reptiles has become a point of contention in the Mainlands. Some of our folks enjoy watching them others are fearful and want them removed. The Board discussed this matter at length and voted to have them removed rather than subject the Mainlands to possible liability. Residents are asked to call the office and we will notify Florida Fish and Wildlife for removal.
We were approached by WWAR15.ORG with a request to allow a Wounded Warrior Parade through Mainlands Blvd on 9/1/2019. Our veterans will be on tricycles and bikes and will drive the boulevard from 10:00 am to 11am. The Board voted in favor to allow the parade. Flyers will be displayed in the clubhouse for your review.
Mollie Kirhagis



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