The city of Pinellas Park has cancelled our meeting for Dec. 13th for the Gates due to needing additional paperwork from the attorney.  The meeting was cancelled because the attorney needs to get an agreement between us (Mainlands) and the city of Pinellas Park for the taking over of the roads.

Managers Message     November 2018


Greetings Mainlands Residents,


I am writing today in the hope of eliciting your help with some issues that are becoming a major source of discontent in our community.


The first of these is the lack of regard to the existing pet rules of the Mainlands community.  The office has be inundated with complaints regarding pets.  Complaints include dogs over the weight limit, residents leaving garage doors open at the bottom to allow their cats to roam free, residents allowing their pets to relieve themselves on other people‚Äôs lawns, residents with long leashes that result in the pet being 15-20 feet away from the owner, residents allowing their dogs to run free outside of their homes, dogs tied to trees out front without owner supervision.  All of these constitute a violation of your units governing documents.


In the last month we have had 2 cases of dogs being aggressive within the Mainlands.  One involved a mail carrier and one a resident.  In the last month we have been directed to set traps for cats that are using neighbors flower pots/flower beds as a litter box.  Also cats using neighboring porch furniture to nap.


This has become a major threat to the harmony of our community.  I am asking that pet owners please be courteous of your neighbors.  Your pets are your responsibility not the communities.   

When a cat is trapped we call animal services, we do not knock on your door and tell you we have your cat.  To retrieve your cat from animal services there is a fee involved which includes a fine not to mention your cat being terrified by strange surroundings. 


When your dog is not attended or is aggressive or in any way violates the pet rules of the Association, per your documents, your Board has the right to demand that the dog be removed from the property.  Again, another stressed animal because the pet owner is being irresponsible.


We are asking that ALL cats be contained to your property.  We are asking that all dogs be under the control of their owners at all times.  We request that you walk your dogs in the medians on Mainlands Blvd to avoid sullying the lawns on your block.  A portion of your maintenance fee is used to pay for the maintenance of the lawns and the unattractive yellow spots left by dog urine defeat the purpose and the result in wasted money.


As an animal advocate and pet owner for most of my life I implore you to please be responsible pet owners.  They rely on you to keep them safe. 


I want to wish everyone a Thanksgiving full of family, food and fabulous memories and blessings.


All the best,