Greetings Mainlands Residents.


I have an important statement to make and I am requesting that you pass this information to your neighbors and friends. 


Please understand that the Business office bears no responsibility regarding information that is broadcasted via homeowners through social media, emails, robo or telephone calls.  We do take full responsibility for any official notices or alerts which are generated by the business office.  These can be found on the Associations Website, TV Channel 732, and /or Robo Calls in which we always identify ourselves within the first 5 seconds of the call.


We have received several complaints from homeowners stating that they received wrong information.  Upon investigation we were able to determine this information arrived via one homeowner to another by telephone, email, or the Nextdoor Website.  We cannot and do not control any of these forms of communication so therefore will not take responsibility for same.  If you receive information, not generated by the office, we ask that you please contact us to verify before you pass along to others.


On another note, several of our residents have called to state they are not receiving the robo calls.  Please understand that the call list is generated via the data base for each unit.  If you have changed your contact number you must call the office and let us know so we can change the information in our records.  Also please note that if you press the #5 while the call is in progress you are notifying the robo system that you wish to be removed from the call list.  Over the last few days we have heard from many of our residents who state they have accidently removed themselves.  If this is the case please call the office and let us know and we can resubmit your contact number and you will then receive all robo calls.


Please pass this statement on so as to control false information spreading through the community.


Thank You and Good Day!


Mollie Kirhagis, LCAM

Property Manager

Mainlands of Tamarac